“Ham on Wry” Photo Credit: Lydia Leclair Photography, 2023.

Nancy Gaines Bober 







Dialogue: Scottish

Fiction: Suspense

Sample of Each

Melodic, Mellow, Mature

with a hint of humor.

Cape Cod based, self proclaimed history nerd, bibliophile, former chef and foodie. A background in theatre, broadcasting and volunteer reading for the print-impaired sent me on a journey to find the perfect career.
I find every subject fascinating as every topic has something to teach.

The studio:

Studiobricks VO Edition Booth
Audio-Technica 4047 Microphone
PreSonus Studio Channel Tube Preamplifier
Focusrite 212 Interface
Beyerdynamic D1770 Pro Headphones

Found through:

AHAB, BARD, RoleCall, ACX, E-AudioProductions, Audiobook Empire, Deyan Audio, Learning Ally, Royal Wave, Independent Authors, Cape Cod Writers Workshop

Honored to work with:

Penguin Random House, Rikers, Paul Ruben Dir. Earphones Award, Multicast Knopf, 50 Years of Ms., Ruth Lichtman Dir.

Training with:

Sean Allen Pratt-Non-Fiction, Johnny Heller-Splendiferous and New England Retreats, Joel Leslie Froomkin – Acting for Audio

Member of: PANA, APA